August Gale


On the album

1.    Breakwater Boys Breakdown; Clyde Wells’ Dream; The Meech Lake Breakdown (4:04)
2.    The August Gale (5:38)    August Gale
3..   Liverpool Reel; Sam Sinnicks; Tune; Centennial Highway Reel (3:23)
4.    The Green Shores of Fogo (4:48)
5.    Sinus Infection; Dr. Redmond to the Rescue; Dr. Burrage’s Jig (4:05)
6.    Butter and Cheese (3:05)
7.    Frank Stamp’s Tune; Tom Lake’s Favourite (2:31)
8.    The Privateer (3:54)
9.    Six-handed Reel; Joey Clements’; Cyril Flynn’s Good Old Tune; Mrs. Belle’s  Close-in Tune (3:38)           Single Jigs
10.   The Curragh of Kildare (4:11)
11.   Jim Rumbolt’s Tune; Father’s Jig; Esau Payne’s Tune (3:03)
12.   The Snow Shoveller’s Waltz (2:29)    Snow Shoveler’s Waltz
13.   Atlantic Blue (4:18)    Atlantic Blue
14.   Le bon vin (3:26)

Jean Hewson guitar,vocals
Christina Smith fiddle, cello

Guest musicians Greg Walsh, vocals on #8; Frank Maher, accordion on #7; Rick West, bodhran on #7; Wade Pinhorn, bass on #5; Gaston Bernard, feet on #14; Sue Lothrop, Bill Garrett, Gaston Bernard and Christina Smith, backing vocals on #14.

Recorded in St. John’s Newfoundland at the Sound Solution, engineer Lee Tizzard. Additional recording at Casa Roxton, Toronto, Ontario, engineer Nick Tjelios; and at Studio Fast Forward, Montreal, Quebec, engineer Barney Beninger.  Mixed at Studio Fast Forward by Barney Beninger and Bill Garrett.   Mastering by Rob Heaney, Phase 9.  Produced by Bill Garrett.  All arrangements by Smith and Hewson except #7 by the Mahers Bahers, #8 by Jean Hewson and Greg Walsh and #12 by Christina Smith.

Design and photo illustration by Vizou, Photography by Dana Whittle and Milton Lam.

French translation by Dana Whittle and Anne Brissette.

Thanks We would like to thank Bill and Olive Smith, Frank Maher, Rick West, Greg Walsh, Wade Pinhorn, Gaston Bernard, Sue Lothrop, Barney Berniger, Nic Tjelios, Ken Whiteley, Jason Whelan, Dana Whittle, Erin McArthur, Linda Turu, Eric West, Wilf Wareham, Fred and Marie Fitzpatrick, Cyril Flynn, Mrs. Belle Fennelley, Marnie Parsons, Trevor Allan Davies for helping us move “forward and up”, Francesca Swann and Angela Antle of CBC Radio St. John’s, Chris Brookes, and our families and friends. Thanks also to our “adopted” family members around the world who have opened their homes and hearts to us and who have made touring a pleasure; Sue Goldberg, Robin and Pat Jones, Pat, Brenda and Emily Murphy, Jean, Dale, Tristan and Elspeth Mills (thanks for the $20 Tristan!), Terry Townshend, Cindy Brown, Karen Bruce, Gary Martin, Aoife Clancy, Dave Palmater and Marcia Young Palmater, Martin and Betty Sutcliffe, Paul Wilson, Marilyn Tucker, and John Littler. We are also very grateful to Warren and Eleanor Robinson, Dick Dixon, Sue Swann, Dugg Simpson and Lillian Wauthier for the hours of hard labour put towards creating some of the best folk music events we’ve ever been part of. We would also like to thank our agents Vivienne Bloomfield (UK) and Robin Boyd (USA), Steve Woodcock, the Twelfth Fret, the Sound Post, and the St. John’s Folk Arts Council. Much thanks to the Canada Council and to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council for the funding that made this CD possible.

Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to Bill Garrett and Grit Laskin for their support and encouragement.

August Gale is dedicated to the late Mildred Smith.

All content ©2005 Jean Hewson and Christina Smith